Home Improvement Christmas Episodes

Through 8 seasons during the 90s, Home Improvement released a Christmas themed episode every single year. Frequently featured story lines included Tim’s never ending battle to win the neighbourhood Christmas light decorating contest, multiple guest spots from family members visiting for the holidays, and your usual Tool Time accidents. After recapping all 8 episodes onContinue reading “Home Improvement Christmas Episodes”

Liam Neeson Action Films

At the age of 56, Liam Neeson suddenly become the newest and hottest action star on the planet with the release of Taken. Originally released overseas in 2008, it would take almost a year before a North American release even happened, and the box office far exceeded expectations. In almost 15 years since rebooting hisContinue reading “Liam Neeson Action Films”

Go-Go’s Album and Song Rankings

40 years after the Go-Go’s debut album was released they’re about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is a band I was only casually familiar with up until this past year when their documentary came out. Since then I have listened to every album, b-side, and live release toContinue reading “Go-Go’s Album and Song Rankings”

Smallville Season Rankings

This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the debut of Smallville, one of the longest running sci-fi shows in history. To celebrate 20 years here is a ranking of all 10 seasons. 10- Season Eight After Michael Rosenbaum left at the end of season 7, the show was left without a main villain. TheContinue reading “Smallville Season Rankings”

Introducing Rank This List

Who hasn’t sat down and compiled a list and ranked their favourite movies, TV or music? Rank This List exists to compile full and complete rankings of all forms of entertainment. For example, every film in the Star Wars or James Bond franchise, every season of The Simpsons, every album in David Bowie’s discography. WhileContinue reading “Introducing Rank This List”